Concerned About Termites?

You should be. They do over 4 Billion dollars in damage in the United States alone!

Oklahoma and Kansas have a very high presence of subterranean termites.
Where we live, it's one of three things:
  • Either you have termites.
  • You are going to get them.
  • You are treating for them.

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure!"

Parker Pest Control Termite Monitoring Program was developed in response to the high subterranean termite presence. We addressed the issue and developed a program that is cost effective, and may prevent problems in the future.

Parker's Termite Monitoring Program is much more cost effective than a complete termite treatment, PLUS it may find a termite problem before they do considerable damage.

The Inspection

Take a step-by-step look at our process below and follow us through a recent termite inspection.

We inspect inside and out. Any place that wood is near the property has potential for termite infestation. Wooden fences, firewood stacks, outside buildings etc. must be included for accurate inspection.

Just because you don't see termites, doesn't mean they're not there!


To determine exactly how much treatment or protection is needed, measurements are taken and calculated for maximum protection.

Step 1


We then drill small holes in the ground in strategic locations and place bait monitors. These monitors are essential to treatment and prevention.

Discovering termite damage after the required inspection failed to find damage and the presence of termite infestation, can cost the NEW homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs, not to mention the hassle.

Step 2

  Inspection Photos

Termite damage found in a recently purchased Ponca City home.

The photos to the left reveal real termite damage inside a hallway closet. Some termite damage may be hidden from ordinary view behind sheetrock, in closets and in other places. Signs of infestation may NOT be in your view.
We recommend having a professional termite inspection before home purchase.

For just $199* average cost

Then for just $25- Every 3 months, we will inspect the monitors. Now listen to this... If termites ever occur while you are on the monitoring plan, we will spot treat the affected area at NO CHARGE.

*NOTE: The prices for Parkersí Termite Monitoring Program quoted above are only for current clients. The monitoring services will be performed while we are already there for our regular services. Prices for the Monitoring Program only are much higher.

How do I know if I have termites?
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